What are we?

Hi. Welcome to Webmosa - a website company.  We are technically a “virtual” company with staff that works remotely, however, our entire staff lives in the Tacoma / Seattle area of Washington State.

We provide Website Design and Development, Mobile Websites, and Search Engine Optimization services.  However, we can also take care of you if you’re interested in hosting services for your website.

What does it look like when you do business with us?  

Our customers typically have 4 things in common:

  1. You might have LITTLE to NO time to invest in designing or building a website yourself.
  2. You want control of how the website will look and function, and need a team of good listeners and proactive professionals to execute what’s most important to you.
  3. You want to understand the differences / nuances of price points in the web industry…and even more importantly you want to know the value that Webmosa brings!
  4. You are mentally ready and willing to be engaged in the project build and overall design process with us.

Does that sound like you? If so, give us a call. Not entirely sure if 1-4 applies to you, but want to find out more?  Give us a call at 253.444.1844 or 800.511.4618.

What does it look like doing business with Webmosa?

We have two major phases in developing your website: Design and Programming.  The steps within those phases look something like this:  

Webmosa BuildProcess 


There are many methodologies and processes used to make the above mentioned steps flow smoothly.  One consistent proven method was the introduction of a project manager to handle communication between you and the entire production team.  We also have more than a half dozen talented individuals working away on your website who are gifted in the disciplines of Graphic Design, Programming and Search Engine Optimization. They have many other technical and creative skills that will prove to be assets to your project.

During your website project you can expect to see constant communication and follow through.  We set healthy expectations on what you will need to provide our team – you don’t need to do all the work yourself.  We help you understand the tasks of the project, and set healthy expectations for delivery times. You’ll find that we really do take the heavy burden of building a website off your shoulders.

What else?  I still want to know more!

Webmosa is made of a tremendous amount of Geek Tech power.  Translation?  We enjoy making the complicated tech world work together to build beautiful things. We even like to analyze it.  A part of the success behind Webmosa is not just a fantastic team of people, but the consistently improving perfectionism of Ben Marsh our Technical Director. Ben drives Webmosa to better efficiency and procedures. Ben introduced Six-Sigma to Webmosa and at the end of 6th months of implementation we increased our internal efficiency by 40%. And we pass those savings along to our customers. That puts a smile on Ben’s face.

Contact Our Team!

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