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Access To Ranking Software

Webmosa provides every one of our SEO clients with access to software that is tracking targeted keywords as part of your campaign. Rather than waiting a month to see how your campaign is doing, our system provides you with daily updates for all keywords/phrases being tracked. The software even breaks down information by major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) when available, and provides you with daily, weekly, and monthly trends.

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Website Scan/Reports (Audits)

Every 2 months our SEO team will run a website scan that audits your site looking for minor errors that may be fixed. Your site should be updating content regularly, but search engines change what they're monitoring constantly as well. This audit will tell you if your site has visibility issues, META issues, or problems with content, links or images. Ultimately this report will allow you to monitor your site's SEO health over time.

Programming Hours for Improvement

Based on the Website Scan audit report, our team will determine a course of action for remedying as many of the issues uncovered as we can within the allotted time frame your campaign allows. This budgeted time can also be used for other programming requests as they relate to your site. However, we try to use this time to focus on SEO related fixes to your site so as to see a decrease in the overall issues uncovered in each audit report.

External Links Publishing

You'll notice that this number is very small. That's intentional, as Google has made it apparent that just buying hundreds of links for your site is a very bad idea! It's important that your site have higher quality links, to reputable sites, with relevant content. Your site may be tracking dozens of keywords, and promoting a handful each month, but if you have poor quality external links it won't matter how much work you've put into link building. We provide quality external links for a select few keywords each month. However, external link publishing is just a start in creating SEO value for your site.

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External Article Publishing

Having outside resource sites (ones with relevant content to your site) publish articles talking about your site can be a very good way to build SEO value. However, it's important to make sure that you're not duplicating content and posting the same blog/article all over the web - search engines will sniff this out. Instead, it's better to write higher quality content for a single source. This is why our team will publish just a very small number of articles related to your site content each month.

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Onsite Blog Writing/Publishing

Even more important that external publishing is what you write on your own site. Search engines LOVE fresh content. They want to see that you're keeping your site relevant and that you're writing quality text. Blogs are a great way to do this! Our team will write and/or publish blogs on your site as part of your SEO campaign. We'll work with you to make sure the topics are on point, and that they contain content and links that you feel accurately represent your site.

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