What is a Mobile Website?

With the ever growing popularity of Smart Phones, people are surfing the web more and more with the tip of their finger. A normal web design is optimized for a computer, which is displayed larger and loaded with a stronger processor. What this means is that Smart Phone viewers can struggle to navigate a normal website, and can spend multiple times longer waiting for the website to load.

Mobile web design is a second, smaller website that provides users only with the essential information - typically in a vertical format rather than horizontal.

Programming Capabilities

The HUGE advantage of a mobile website is that your demographic is literally holding a device that is capable of performing the call conversion you want. Nearly every mobile site should have a "one-click-to-call" feature easily accessible. Rather than convince the user to pick up the phone and dial as you would with a traditional website, your demographic now only has 1 step to take before you hear your phone ring.


Dynamic Map

Not only can users quickly and easily call your place of business, but most Smart Phones (if not all) are capable of GPS navigation. So not only can users access your website and see where your location is, but you could also link it to their location and provide real-time directions. Mobile websites make converting people into customers by eliminating the simplest of deterrents.


What Mobile Looks Like

Webmosa will take the major elements of your web design project and apply them to your mobile website so that your brand remains preserved. For the most part, a mobile project is just a greatly simplified version of you web design project. The users who access your website are most likely a “Zero Moment of Truth” (or “ZMOT”) customer, which means that they are not trying to shop around, but to buy what they need now. Webmosa will work with you to figure out the best way to convert these viewers into revenue.


Mobile Web Design Costs

Mobile websites are a very smart investment to pair with your traditional website, the return on your investment is typically quite quick as the cost is very low. Everything about mobile web design is about getting the conversion as simply as possible, following the whole “less is more” theory. The maintenance costs of these are near negligible, and they will work across all major cell phone platforms (Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry).

Contact someone at Webmosa today and take full use of the internet to brand your business!

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